Creation of TEFA Badge

With many ideas running through the minds of the people initiating TEFA, the football crest at the time of the creation had to be a temporary crest  in order to participate in the VIVA World Cup 2012 in the shortened time period. 

TEFA seeked the help of the NF Board to create the logo with their ideas.  Mr. Gonzalo Parada of CSNAF helped create the first TEFA crest.  Recommended first by Secretaire General of the NF Board, the idea was to create a temporary crest to participate in the 2012 VIVA World Cup.  Eventually creating a permanent crest for TEFA with the help of Tamil Eelam residents after.

The image from the 2012 VIVA world Cup shows the crest made by Mr. Parada.  The Leopard image was used because it is the national animal and represented athletic ability.  The colours represented the National flag of Tamil Eelam.

Here are some of the crests created by Mr Gonzalo Parada

Past Logo Colage 2

Thank You Mr. Gonzalo Parada for your great contribution in creating our first temporary crest in 2012. This has inspired a new crest for Tamil Eelam Football Association.

TEFA is proud to present the new football crest for TEFA.  Created by youths in Tamil Eelam, their ideas and drawings of what it should look like were gathered.  The most popular idea was the leopard, national animal of Tamil Eelam.  Our Eelam Tamil artist gathered the drawings and completed a professional crest.  The TEFA commitee is very thankful and gracious for those youth in Tamil Eelam and our Eelam Tamil artist who made this crest a reality.